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<p align="justify">Among other charitable organizations «Fund of support of Olympians of Russia» holds a special place. Although it is a young organization: Fund was established in 2005 for two years before, as in Guatemala at the session of the International Olympic Committee of the Russian Sochi was elected as the capital of the winter Olympic games-2014. What is the Fund, who is in it is and how many makes, and most importantly - how and on what principle are allocated the funds received?</p>


Among other charitable organizations «Fund of support of Olympians of Russia» holds a special place. Although it is a young organization: Fund was established in 2005 for two years before, as in Guatemala at the session of the International Olympic Committee of the Russian Sochi was elected as the capital of the winter Olympic games-2014. What is the Fund, who is in it is and how many makes, and most importantly - how and on what principle are allocated the funds received?

On the proposal of the press-service of Fund of support of Olympians of the» Obozrevatel «top secret» has sent in this structure the following questions.

1. The participants of the Fund are many well-known Russian entrepreneurs. They donate funds for certain types of sports and programs or simply make money, and then grants distributes the Presidium of the Fund or of some other of its structure?

2. Who from donors (Abramovich, Vladimir Potanin, the company) and how many sent the funds to the Fund or it is a commercial secret?

3. How effective, in the opinion of the management of the Fund, is being solved the question of the financing of potential Olympians of Russia with the help of this public organization?

There was no reaction. «Absolutely secret» had to seek out answers without the assistance of the press-service of the Fund.

Enter to the roots

In a number of illustrious fellow countrymen, who in the distant XIX century made their funds for development of the ideas of the Olympic movement, the Fund counting brothers Sava and Sergey Morozov, a member of the state Duma of the time N.A.. Гижицкого, several princes and men of philanthropists. However, turning to other sources, easy to find out, was among the deputies of the State Duma of the NA. Гижицкого - was another Гижицкий, Alexander Stepanovich, a well-known Russian nationalist who after the final victory of the Bolsheviks moved first to the Czech Republic, and then to France.

Savva Morozov as a sponsor of the Olympic movement in Russia also does not look very convincing. He had other objects for charity, and its political ideals. He did not hold any of its capital to support Bolshevism, and that's the sport, probably saved. And he is not alone.

Interesting fact: in three Competitions of the time (1896, 1900 and 1904) Russia did not participate - the collected funds are not enough to ensure that at least the minimum participation of Russia in the Olympic games.

The Emperor Nikolai II, obviously, just don't know how to convince the oligarchs of the time in having to sacrifice on the support of Russian sport.

Today in the list of participants of the «Fund of support of Olympians» very solid guys - Roman Abramovich, Peter Aven, Vagit Alekperov, Victor Vekselberg, Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Potanin, Vladimir Lisin. On the Fund's website describes the major positions that they occupy " who the President of the company, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors. And only Roman Abramovich is marked as a civil servant, the Chairman of the Chukotka Duma.

It would be wrong to think that the real sport of the philanthropists of the Fund does not have any relationship, but in the hands do not hold anything heavier than a credit card. This is not so.


Here are three of the most outstanding representative of the Russian business elite, presumably, generously жертвующих on the support of Russian Olympians, although this list is much wider.

Vladimir Lisin, the second in the Russian Forbes ranking and the owner of the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine, already at a Mature age felt great interest to shoot - to the booth, calm all.

In 2002, he announced that takes under his wing the national team of Russia on shooting and then was elected President of the Shooting Union of Russia. At the same time built in the Moscow region luxurious complex «Fox hole» - and there is for professional shooters has everything you need, and for the wealthy Amateurs. To obtain and sports, and business object in one bottle. Soon after that, as Vladimir Lisin has headed the rifle Federation of Russia, he was able for the first time in the life of 47 years - comply with the master of sports in trap-shooting.

The President of the Small Union Lisin and remains to this day, although at the summer Olympics in London it is the arrows are not short of expectations: the participants from Russia was higher than from other countries - 22 athlete, a medal of the all get one, and one bronze. No sanctions followed - Lisin and so did all you could. In terms of funding. As a possible arrows-an Olympian he is still not listed.

Vladimir Potanin, head of «Interros». Claim that he, in addition to business, he is keen on football, chess, tennis. And yet - mountain skiing, which is quite understandable: he is not one shares this passion of the President of Russia. In the «Fund for the support of» sacrificing regularly, but how much and to whom specifically the money go to the donor, remains a mystery.

In the family of Vladimir Potanin has its known sportsmen, but not the Olympians. Daughter Anastasia, among other things, repeatedly became the champion of the world in jet-skiing, and the son of Ivan - the champion of Russia.

Roman Abramovich, one charity Fund. In the big sport is known as the owner of Chelsea football club. It is possible, is engaged in fizzaryadkoy. Still known as the founder of the National Academy of football (NAF), which at one time had funded the costs of the chief coach of national football team of Russia. Cooperation with Huss Хиддинком ended with a scandal because of nonpayment. How successfully this Academy was engaged in the development of football in Russia, virtually nothing is known. There are frightening information - about financing of the NAF program of construction of football stadiums for the military towns of the Ministry of defence. About the kind of corruption schemes today identified in the main military office of the country, we learn every day in the news. To football fields from investigators in the near future is unlikely to reach the hands, but I want to believe that so far in the well-equipped military bases - t-shirt to a t-shirt, running across the field in a single burst of colonels and soldiers of urgent service, making its contribution to the development of this kind of sports. The ideal, by the way, the fields.

Dmitry Rybolovlev also organically fit into the list of benefactors. The owner of «Uralkali» after a conflict with the then Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Igor Sechin in 2010 hastily sold his business, and the case, the proceeds invested in foreign assets. After that bought more and football club «Monaco» in the Principality, which is enthusiastically engaged in and to this day.

Why Рыболовлеву support of Russian Olympians? Firstly, he became a benefactor of the Fund back in the days when he was in Russia. Secondly, he knows firsthand what the prison bunks. Eleven months - from may 1996 - he had served sentences in jail on a murder charge, which then was recognized as insolvent, including in the Presidium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. Perhaps it is for this reason, brought his business out of the country, Rybolovlev prefers to pay certain amounts to the Fund and does not irritate their enemies in the government structures.

Changing of the guard

But not a single Fund alive today in Russia Olympic kinds of sports. Similar tasks - financing - solve and various sports federations of the country. All of these processes are actively controlled by the Kremlin. And here the government throws from side to side.

Only some five years ago at the head of the majority of sports federations in the country were influential officials. Then it was believed that they are able to get the necessary amount of content on the Champions League, which could bring Russia the sports glory.

For example, the President of the Russian volleyball Federation was the Director of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev, now it is headed by the former volleyball player Stanislav Shevchenko. But Patrushev continues to lead the organization in the capacity of head of the Supervisory Board, now already in the rank of Secretary of the security Council of the Russian Federation.

The Federation of judo in 2008, led by the Minister of agriculture of the country Alexei Gordeyev. However, at the Olympics in Beijing, our wrestlers have remained without awards. In the end Gordeeva from the Federation was removed and his place was taken by Vasily Anisimov, the head of the group of companies «КОАЛКО», which, however, and before that was the main sponsor of judo. But now he had the opportunity to independently manage their own money.

Until 2008, the all-Russian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics was headed by Sergey Yastrzhembsky, the former press Secretary and assistant to the President of Russia. Now at the head of this organization, concentrated in the hands of just two post - President and the head coach, is Irina Viner.

Here it is necessary to clarify, Wiener - the wife of one of the richest people of Russia Alisher Usmanov, the number one in the list of Forbes Russian-2012. So the financing of rhythmic gymnastics at the Wiener there were no problems and no.

Himself Usmanov is headed by two Federation: Russian fencing and international - on the same sport. But here oligarch is quite understandable. In his youth he was a swordsman, one of the best in the USSR, and even included in the national team of the country. His sports career was cut short in 27 years, when Alisher and his friend was arrested and charged with extortion, and the court (the case was in Uzbekistan) has issued a sentence: eight years of imprisonment. Usmanov served six, was released and started doing business. Much later, in 2000, when Usmanov has already become a wealthy man, the Supreme court reinstated, recognizing the victim of fraudulent cases.

Expert opinion

Already very few people remembers, but from 2005 to 2008, Federation of equestrian sport of Russia headed by the former speaker of the state Duma Gennady Seleznev. The columnist of «top secret» met him on the eve of resignation, which Gennady Seleznev did not expect. His then-assessment of the situation in the Russian sport is quite interesting and today, especially in the part of the state's interference in the Affairs of public organizations, which are the Federation. In particular, he explained the reasons why the major officials were called to the guiding sports office. Here are excerpts from that interview.

- The reason - lack of money, a state of chronic financial starvation of the majority of our federations. Therefore, the President Vladimir Putin and expressed the wish that our higher officials have chosen for themselves Federation for the soul. And in many cases, the choice was successful. Here, for example, the Vice-Premier Alexander Zhukov - an excellent chess player. And he, of course, is not a stranger in the Federation people. In a word, such a step, came not from a good life, but the fact remains - private money into the sport went.

"Why are the people in power need federations - is clear. And that's why the major officials need more trouble and stress associated with sports?

- And here, everything is obvious. If, say, the Minister is worried about his image, is perfectly aware of: if with the support of the sportsmen of this or that Federation will achieve some success, then this will work and on his prestige. And if he is also informally relates to his sport, then from this, and receives pleasure.

Sponsors after my arrival of the Federation appeared. My first Deputy became Dmitry Titov, and is the President of all-Russian Bank of regions development, servicing «Rosneft». Help us to «EUROCEMENT», Moscow industrial Bank and others.

Gennady Seleznev did not know that just two weeks later he had already cease to be the President of the Federation, and his changer will be just his first Deputy - Dmitry Titov. The time has come to change the officials to businessmen. But the task has not managed and Titov: in 2010, he was replaced by Sergey Maslov - the businessman of a larger spill associated with the fuel-energy complex.


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