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Vitaly Mutko has congratulated the Russian figure skaters with victories in the championship of the world

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<p align="justify">The minister of sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko congratulated the Russian figure skaters on successful performance in the adult and junior World Cups.</p>


The minister of sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko congratulated the Russian figure skaters on successful performance in the adult and junior World Cups.

On Friday Mutko met in the sports ministry the Russian figure skaters - winners and prize-winners of the World Cup and junior superiority of a planet - and their trainers, "R-sports" report.

"All of us know, in what conditions you had to prepare after the tragedy. Pain leaves through any time, but at everyone differently happens... Sometimes and two years later pain doesn't leave. Therefore I want doubly you to congratulate, - Mutko addressed to world champions in pair figure skating to Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov (at Trankov in January the father died). - You - one team, including trainers and those children who help you. With such separation to win... Well, not without falling, certainly. But didn't tremble at anybody anything, and it is much costs. It is result of huge works of your team. You stick so that the youth needs to look and study. Victories just like that aren't given. You are the real athletes and representatives of our country. I very much am proud that I know all of you, and we - one team. When the sport is integrated, and in federation there are no disagreements, growth is".

Volosozhar and Trankov in the World Cup won gold in pair figure skating. On a junior world championship the Russian figure skaters won two gold medals (Elena Radionov - in competitions of odinochnitsa, Alexander Stepanov and Ivan Bukin - in competitions of dancing duets).

Mutko added that figure skating - one of the most demanded sports on the Olympic Games in Sochi. "There is a number of sports which were grown up by us. They were cultivated at us, and then dispersed on various schools. It everything is visible today therefore all of us want that tomorrow you started preparing for the Olympic Games. All of us know examples. Figure skating and biathlon - those sports which will be most demanded in Sochi. Only started selling tickets, and they already aren't present on sale", - the minister of sports told.

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