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RIOU and Fund of support of Olympians of Russia conducted a refresher course athletes completed the career

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<p align="justify">The Fund of support of Olympians of Russia and the Russian international Olympic University conducted the second round of the programs of professional retraining of athletes who completed a career in professional sports.</p>


The Fund of support of Olympians of Russia and the Russian international Olympic University conducted the second round of the programs of professional retraining of athletes who completed a career in professional sports.

From 25 to 30 March 2013 in Moscow have passed courses of improvement of qualification of additional professional education «Sport management».

This is the second series of lectures in the framework of the common program of the Fund of support of Olympians of Russia, implemented by the Russian International Olympic University in social adaptation of athletes who have completed active career. Among the students that have passed 72-hour the training course, such famous sportsmen as: Olympic champion summer Games in Sydney on Greco-Roman wrestling Вартерес Самургашев, champion of Europe and world race walking Alina Ivanova, world and European champion in heavy weight Vladimir Morels, the world champion in sabre fencing Paul Bykov, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in London on trampoline Dmitry Ushakov. The programme was attended by 22 sportsmen from 17 regions: the Olympic medalists, winners and prize-winners of the world Championships, the Europe and Russia, Directors, coaches, specialists from the center of sports preparation, schools, federations by kinds of sports. The candidates were recommended by the sports federations, the Commission of the athletes at the Olympic Committee of Russia and coordinated with the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation.

Recognised Russian experts-practitioners, professors of leading Russian universities and teachers of the RIOU held for the participants of the course of a cycle of lectures on the key areas of sport management - from «the Fundamentals of the sport law», «PR and marketing in sport», «Sport sponsorship» to «Management sport construction», «Development of the industry of sports in Russia» and other objects. In the course of the training were carried out and visiting the practical lessons, where students learn to apply the knowledge on examples of control of professional basketball club «Dynamo», private football stadium «Lokomotiv», the budget of the Moscow sport school and the all-Russia Federation of volleyball. The curriculum of the course, formed by the Russian International Olympic University, certified by the Russian Ministry of education. All the expenses for training and accommodation of trainees were provided with grants of Fund of support of Olympians of Russia.

The Director of the Foundation Alexander Катушев said: «the Fund continues begun in the end of last year, the pilot project of the program of support of socially professional adaptation of completed a career athletes. The Presidium of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, held in the end of February, noted its significance. Interest in the show and in the regions, paying for the travel of the participants in the place of study. If in the past year on the courses arrived in Moscow by representatives of 11 subjects of the Federation, the now - from 17 regions of the country. Selection for the pilot project RIOU - establishment of innovation - and specialization of „sport management“ is not accidental. It highlights the need in qualified specialists of this profile in the modern Russia. On the preparation of „decent specialists in the field of physical culture and sport“ stated at a meeting held on 19 March 2013 meeting of the presidential Council on development of physical culture and sports. But finally on the effectiveness of this program we are not to judge, and regions. We know that regional management intends to take into account the collected audience in the course of the study a new professional qualification».

The rector of the RIOU, Professor Lev Belousov said: «the results Of our first-year students, who successfully passed in December last year, we decided to place greater emphasis on the practical aspect of sports management. For this purpose, as the teachers were invited experts with great experience management of sports organizations: honored coach of Russia, President of the basketball club „Dynamo“ Evgeny Gomelsky, General Secretary of the all-Russia Federation of track and field athletics Mikhail Butov, honorary President of the all-Russian volleyball Federation Valentin Zhukov. For students were held master-classes on various sports facilities. I am sure that the knowledge obtained will allow them to feel more confident in their new professional life». All participants of the courses of improvement of qualification on the results of the examination received certificates RIOU on training on the program «Sport management».


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